Native Medicine
Healing Through Connection


The medicine way involves treating all aspects of the body, not just its illness.

This medicine treats the person; involving body, spirit and mind.

Plant spirit is included on the path to healing; this creates a powerful medicine.

Our traditional ways of healing includes respect of the plants and the earth from which they come.

Respect involves giving back, so we lay tobacco and ask permission before taking any plant to use as medicine.

It is no accident that we share the earth with plants. Our co-existence is a symbiotic relationship that provides food and medicine.

Unlike pharmaceuticals, plants contain all the elements needed to reintroduce the body back to its natural state of health.

These elements work together as a cohesive unit that is orchestrated perfectly by nature.

Your Initial Assessment:

  • A one on one consultation to assess and discuss your needs.  
  • A plan and a recommendation for a course of healing. 
  • Your process is assisted by herbs that are compatible with your body and your participation in your own healing is encouraged.
  • Together we will empower your body to reach its natural state of health and wellness! 

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