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"I believe that being a medicine man, more than anything else, is a state of mind, a way of looking at and understanding this earth, a sense of what it is all about."

-- Lame Deer, LAKOTA

I want to share a bit about myself with you and you can read my bio here

My grandmother was my wisest teacher, teaching me the old ways of medicine. My mother taught me about my healing hands and my affinity to plants, and their medicine passed down through my lineage of Kwarakwante.

Through studies of my ancestral lineage and those of Medical Herbalism, I am pleased to exercise my healing rights and under the guidance of my elders I am able to use that knowledge wherever healing is needed. 

 This site and my work is dedicated to my mother, Lillian Seeley (Turtle  Bear Woman)

You will be missed,    



My Cousin Carrie has an amazing company that is complimentary to Native Medicine. Aptly named Mother Earth Essentials, we are pleased to distribute her products here in Canmore. Turtle Bear Woman was immensely proud of Carrie and if you check out her website Mother Earth Essentials, you will see why.

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