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"Disease is the result of a disruption of the spontaneous flow of nature's intelligence within our physiology. When we violate nature's law and cannot adequately rid ourselves of the results of this disruption, then we have disease."

-Virender Sodhi, M.D. 

What is EFT?

EFT is known as Emotional Freedom Technique and it is a potent and simple tool to use for stress relief, changing belief systems, removing barriers to success and so many more emotional situations that leave us feeling stuck.

This empowering tool is fast and easy to learn and is renowned for its ability to offer rapid relief, and often works when many other methods do not.

Our body's own natural healing process and the stress reduction with EFT produces results that last.

Why EFT?

EFT is a mind body technique that targets the emotions often responsible for our distress and discomfort.

The gentle tapping of the EFT breaks the negative feedback loop produced in the body/mind, which causes the unpleasant sensations in the body. With EFT the brain releases those sensations and has an opportunity to restore calm and balance. It's like hitting the reset button of the greatest computer we have - our brain.

Belief systems that we live in day to day create the life we live now, good or bad. EFT allows our magnificent mind to re-assess these belief systems and find different solutions that are better suited to us and our goals. To see what EFT has been useful for please click here.

EFT Sessions With Me

EFT is a wonderful tool that helps many different issues and empowers you to heal and once taught you will have a tool that you can use on yourself.

For those who need deeper work, the skill of a practitioner is invaluable! We can get into the core issues that are causing the difficulties and by using the easy techniques we can quickly reframe self-limiting beliefs, move past blocks to success and other barriers that stop you.

The beauty of EFT is we can work by phone, skype or in person.

For more information on EFT please send me an email or give me a call 403 609 2489 and I'll be happy to provide you with the details. If you want to book a session with me, please visit our booking page.

Yes I take Visa and Master Card. You now have the option to book and pay on line. Soon pay pal will be available.


You can listen to my interview by Annabel Fisher from EFT Radio OnLine here to learn how I combine Native Medicine and EFT
Fantastic Workshops!

I am offering workshops for Entrepreneurs, who have taken all the courses but still feel stuck or not ready to move forward. This dynamic workshop has helped people move past those barriers to success and feel more empowered to use the skills they've learned in other courses with certainty and self confidence.

I am also offering a unique approach to weight loss that allows you to work in a way that is comfortable for you in exploring the many layered reasons that you are using weight to help you in some way.

For information on these workshops, please visit the Workshops page


Dear Brenda,
My recent EFT workshop with you was a wonderful and powerful experience.  The results were amazing and I am overwhelmed with gratitude.   
I came to learn more about EFT and I left in awe because of its power and significance.  
I have experienced powerful and lasting effects from this easily learned therapy.  Your are a great teacher Brenda and your compassion is remarkable.  I smiled... I laughted... I hurt... I cried... I loved... and I healed....
I want to thank you for your patience and for teaching me how to take responsibility for my own well-being.  EFT is a great therapy, it is empowering and I can make it part of my every day life.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Marie M

Dear Brenda,

Thank you for including me in your latest workshop.  I am amazed with the effects of EFT, but more so with your intuitive skills.  Recently graduating from a 3 year Integrative Studies program left me very qualified to assist others with different aspects of their healing.  However, my own emotional blocks proved to be quite daunting and debilitating, preventing me from beginning my new practice.  With your skillful guidance, I was able to address and release emotions of anxiety and fear around starting my own business.  These emotions were manifesting in many areas of my life, and releasing them had a sort of domino effect that I am still discovering aspects of.  I absolutely felt a shift and now have a sense of confidence when visualizing myself doing the work I have studied for.  I felt so deeply nourished while I was with you, but I have to say that I was a bit concerned about returning home to my usual environment and daily responsibilities.  I am excited to share that I continue to feel relaxed, calm, and empowered to attend to what used to cause great apprehension.

To new beginnings,

Doris Rumbolt

I recently participated in a weekend workshop of EFT with Brenda. The theme of the weekend was running a business and all it entails. Brenda addressed many of the aspects of having one's own business. First off did I really feel called to be in this area of business? Once I came to that conclusion Brenda worked through marketing and attracting the right clients for my practice. Last but not least Brenda addressed the money aspect of business. This whole process was a huge eye opener for me. The modality of EFT helped me see many of my fears and anxieties around creating my own business. Before I went to this weekend I had a lot of doubts and was totally lacking confidence in this area. When I first started the weekend I went from I want my own business, no I don't, to this is definitely what I want and I feel committed.  Once I realized that creating my own business is where I wanted to focus my energy, tapping on the marketing, attracting clients and working on the financial aspects of a business really pulled things together for me. I felt more confident moving ahead and I gained a lot more insight as to how to go about starting my business. I became clearer on what I did and did not want.  Brenda is an excellent facilitator of EFT and is very intuitive, she knows where to lead you. This workshop had a huge impact on my decisions with starting my business. I strongly encourage anyone who is considering entering into any new business endeavour or is feeling stuck in their existing business to take this EFT workshop with Brenda, it has helped me immensely. Thanks so much Brenda, you have motivated and inspired me to take the steps towards starting my new fantastic business.
Happy Tapping People

Mary Sheehan-Harris

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