Native Medicine

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We have posted our first EFT audio! Check it out in the next column.

We will be posting many more great audio and video files for your enjoyment... stay tuned!

Native Medicine 

We will be posting a few videos on Native Medicine in the coming months. Stay posted!

Click here to listen to Annabel Fisher interviewing me on EFT and Native Medicine
EFT Audio and Videos

Self Judgment

This tapping audio was taken from our Exchange of Energy Weight Loss Workshop.

To listen to the audio click here 

(Please note, the audio directs you to refer to the diagrams or the video, we have not posted those just yet, but if you know EFT and the tapping points already, just follow along).
Native Medicine Photo and Videos

Our first Video. Here I'm discussing Yarrow as a medicine, as well as a beauty product click here to view it!

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