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Extraordinary Workshops with EFT

If you are an Entrepreneur (or would like to be one)

If some of the things that stop you or make it difficult are:

  • Fear
    • Lack of confidence
    • Scared it won’t work
    • Tried and failed before
  • Marketing:
    • You believe marketing is difficult and boring
    • It just doesn't feel good,
    • You believe the only way to market is to manipulate people
    • It just doesn’t align with your integrity or who you are
  • Clients
    • You can’t get the clients to come through the door
    • You take any and all clients, even the ones who don’t feel good to serve
    • You have an ideal client profile, but can’t seem to attract them
  • Money
    • You do want to make money, but asking for it makes your stomach turn
    • You have a hard time pricing your services
    • You feel that money just isn’t spiritual
    • You are super stressed because you have debt
    • You are super stressed because you need to start making money now!

The Breaking Through Barriers to Success Workshop may be for you. Using the simple and empowering method of EFT you can quickly and easily move past all those barriers. Once you learn this amazing method, it is something you can do on your own at any time and use it forever!

If you are Looking for a Unique and Strangely Easy Way for Weight Loss

There must be an easier way. The dieting industry isn’t there to make you successful, if you were successful, they’d go broke. So if you:

  • Do not trust your body
  • Feel like a failure
  • Lost faith in your ability to lose weight
  • Are sick and tired of diets and dieting
  • Hate exercise
  • Hate your body or have strong judgments about it

The Exchange of Energy Weight Loss Workshop may be for you. By targeting the issues that keep the weight on your body, and then teaching you how to listen to your body’s needs and by implementing intuitive eating, by learning to trust your body, that it knows exactly how to get to the correct weight for you, if followed to the letter, this formula works every time for every one. Bold statement but it is true that diet free weight loss using your body's own natural set point. Once again, our tool of choice is EFT as well as a few other amazing tools that will amaze and delight you, making your journey to a healthy weight one that is enjoyable and makes so much more sense than a diet!

If you are Interested in Learning about Money Archetypes and How to get more Money in your Pocket

Money is such an important part in our lives and so necessary, but seemingly so difficult to get a hold of it.

The Money Ninja Workshop may be for you. We explore all your blocks to money, your money paradigms, your childhood beliefs about money and anything else that makes it difficult for you to attain and keep money, including your chakras. We can quickly transform the negative beliefs into empowering positive beliefs that allow your money genius to emerge, ready to enhance your bank account!

"Heal yourself - your physical and spiritual bodies. Regenerate yourself with light, and then help those who have poverty of the soul. Return to the inner spirit, which we have abandoned while looking elsewhere for happiness."

- Willaru Huayta, Quechua Nation, Peru

Upcoming Workshops Canmore

EFT Weight Workshop
Information coming soon
Where: TBD
When: TBD
Time:  TBD
Cost: $450 + GST 

EFT Entrepreneur Workshop
Information coming soon
Where: TBD
When: TBD
Time:  TBD
Cost: $450 + GST 

Women's Retreats
Information coming soon
Where: TBD
When: TBD
Time:  TBD
Cost: TBD 

Listen to a portion of the workshop and follow along with the tapping script on Judgment here

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